Recommendations of Esben

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Nurse 42 years: “I saw that I had a number of problems in my life, and I was overwhelmed. I felt very stressed out, tired and struggled with an incipient ulcer.
Esben has, with his skills as a personal coach, helped me to overview my challenges. It became obvious to me where to  start and where to end, and after a series of consultations, there emerged a picture that I could work with.
I said goodbye to Esben with a pleasant calmmess in my body and courage to continue working on the challenges that he had helped me to grasp and to take up”

Chef, 39 years: “Thank you Esben for your help. You got my thoughts on the right track. You have helped me so much. I can only recommend you to others. ”

Officer 28 years: “I started with Esben because I felt stuck in my work situation, the times when I was happy occurred less and less frequently. Esben helped me to look at the problems from another perspective and with new tools, among other things, I was aware of the importance of listening to oneself instead of fighting oneself. After that I stood stronger and more decisive when facing the decisions and concerns which challenged me in my quest to be a happier person. When I stopped at Esben’s I had a good stomach feeling, which told me that I was now ready to meet the challenges.”

Salewoman, 24 years: “I was coached by Esben, because I fought with some problems about doubts and clarification. It was hard to take the right decision since the emotions wanted one thing and reason something else. Esben has helped me to put things in perspective. He helped me get a clarification and make a big and difficult decision, which will no doubt do me good. After my coaching sessions with Esben, I have become better at releasing the negative emotions and have gotten some tools to make the right decisions for the future. I see things in a different light now, and I have learned that in the future I must be true to myself, and stand by my self. I can definitely recommend sessions with Esbens , to everyone who in one way or another, is struggling with some personal problems, or is missing a sparring partner with whom you can discuss the big questions in life.”

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