Personal Coaching in Copenhagen

  • Do you need a change in your life?
  • Are you stuck in feelings, thought patterns, bad habits or conflicts,
  • Have you lost your energy and happiness?

I offer a respectful, structured and effectful coaching, based on what is important to you right now. You are in focus and you set the agenda. I make sure that we find ourselves in a place where you feel safe and where there is focus and momentum.

My starting point is, together with you, to examine and adjust your patterns of thinking, your feelings and your ways of dealing with previous bad experiences.

I can help you with:

(click on the individual themes if you want to know more)

We also explore the part of your life that works well, your personal strengths and what makes you happy. What we find, is often the key to overcome obstacles, and an important part of the journey towards lasting changes.

If you have any questions, or just want to get started with coaching, please write an email to or text me on 26 95 25 52. You are of course also welcome to call.

I have a 3-year education as NLP-Coach and have been coaching in Danish and English since 2011. Furthermore, I am certified as Associate Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation

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